Neck ties can be tied with four main knots. The most common type of knot is the four-in-hand knot. This is the simplest knot to use, which is perhaps the reason it is the most common.

To tie a tie in this fashion, place the tie around the neck. Cross the broad end over the narrow end. Then, fold the broad end behind the narrow end. Bring it forward to the opposite side, and pass it across the front horizontally. Then fold it behind the narrow end again, bring it of the top from the back of the tie, tuck it behind the horizontal pass, and pull the tie’s knot snug. Then you will slide the knot up until it is tight against the collar.

The Pratt knot is another option you have to tie your tie. This knot is a wide knot that works well with wide ties. It begins with the tie inside out, with the wide end under the narrow end. The wide end is tied over and under the narrow end. The created loop is pulled down and tight. Then the wide end is pulled over to the right and pulled up behind the loop. It is brought down through the knot and tightened in place.

The third popular knot is the half-Windsor knot. It is slightly larger than the Pratt knot. It begins with the tie around the neck and the wide end in front of the narrow end. Then you will fold the wide end behind and bring it across to the opposite side. This will create a triangle with the sides of the narrow end and the inside of the loop. Fold the tie around this triangle, using each side of the triangle in one direction. The final fold brings the wide end over the knot from the back. Push it through the loop in the front of the knot and pull tight.

The final option you have when tying neck ties is the Windsor knot, which is the largest knot. This one begins with the tie around the neck and the wide end in front of the narrow end. The broad end is folded behind the narrow end and pushed through the loop. You will now have a triangle. Do one rotation around the outside of the knot, and then bring the wide end over the top from the front to the back. Then do another rotation around the knot. The final fold brings the wide end over the top of the knot from the back. Push this through the loop and pull the knot tight.

Tying neck ties takes practice. Before you get frustrated trying to tie your favourite knot, practice a few times. Find pictures showing the steps, and soon you will have a neck tie that is tied perfectly.

Neck ties are a common part of today’s fashion world. From businessmen to heads of state, most men have worn a neck tie at some point in their lives. However, some men do not know that there are four basic types of neck ties. The oldest type of neck tie, and the least used in modern dress, is the cravat.
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